Workshop Details
What does ROOT cover?

- Exposure triangle (aperture, ISO, shutter speed)
- "I like photos with blurry backgrounds, how do I do that?"
- How to get to know all the elements + put them together
- White balance, contrast, and basic editing
- Camera modes (auto, manual, and beyond)
- Lenses + what the differences are
- Light; different types, how to identify them and how to master them for consistent images
- Storytelling; how to approach documenting life

How long will the workshop be?

ROOT is hosted online in downloadable videos, totaling about 3 hours of content. Those hours will be stretched out with various suggested times for practicing in between lessons.

What format is the workshop?

We have created 20 videos to support audio + visual learners (and there's lots of time for practise for our tactile friends as well). The videos will be hosted together, and all will be able to be downloaded and saved, or streamed online. After you purchase the workshop, you are invited to join our facebook community to keep the learning going.

Part of the benefit of an in-person workshop is the ability to ask questions. How will that be dealt with for online?

While we won't get to interact and ask questions (or share snacks) while you watch the online course, we've created a private facebook group where people can ask questions and I will pop in to answer them. Continuous learning!

What non-profit are 50% of the proceeds going to?

Our 2019 non-profit partner is the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo. Check out our "partner" tab to read more about SASC and how they're making a difference in our community and how your donations will make a difference.

Will money always be going to the non-profit, or just at the beginning?

As long as we are selling the online ROOT, we will be donating! We will partner with one organization for 2019, and then switch it up in December 2019 so we can share the support around the community.

So... What does it cost?

The ROOT workshop costs $249 CAD. Once you have it, you have it for life.